It’s easy to get involved at YPS!

Activities and events run by the school and the P&C rely on the valued support of parent and carer volunteers. Simply contact the P&C direct via president@ypspandc.com or respond to calls for volunteers as they are advertised – either through the school or the P&C. Calls for volunteers may be advertised here, via the school newsletter or come direct from class teachers.

YPS volunteers have given time and support to:

In-class reading and numeracy programs, excursions, working bees, cooking, behind the scenes management of the canteen and uniform shop, library book covering, sports carnivals, music events, the fete, general fundraising activities, the social dinner, community events, gardening and much more ….

The ACT Education and Training Directorate request that people who volunteer or work with children on a regular basis, including in schools, must apply for a Working with Vulnerable People ID card. This process is not onerous and is free if you are volunteering. If you have a card or when you get one please provide a copy to the school front office for their records.

For more information and related exemptions contact the school office or refer to

Working with Vulnerable People
Working with Vulnerable People Application Lodgement

YPS information for page 5 of your application is provided here – WWVP pg 5 YPS details

Further info:

Code of Conduct for Volunteers and Visitors – Working with children and young people