Our community fundraising enables the school to purchase educational materials and services beyond what government school funding allows. The school community is fortunate to have the Italian-English bi-lingual program but the school does not receive additional government funding to support it.

At YPS fundraising is done in two main ways:

Voluntary Contributions – Each year the School Board invites families to give financial voluntary contributions. This is the easiest form of fundraising and if received reduces further fundraising pressures on the school and the school community. Contact the front office or visit the school website for more information about how to support the school by giving a voluntary contribution.

Fundraising – Funds are also raised through dedicated fundraising activities including the bi-annual fete, end of term sausage sizzles, raffles, walk-a-thons, mother and father’s day events, trivia and auction nights and more. These events rely on the generous support of school and community volunteers for their success.

In the last few years fundraising has helped to purchase:

  • Italian resources for the bi-lingual program
  • outdoor sports courts, playground equipment and shade cloths for outside play
  • air conditioning and furnishings
  • computers, ipads, interactive white boards
  • sporting equipment
  • resources for the autism units
  • and more

Bi-annual Fete – or ‘festa’ in Italian – every second year the P&C runs a fete inviting the community to experience our bilingual school and help raise funds for our many programs.