Who we are

We are all volunteers from the YPS community.

The canteen is run by the P&C through a sub committee appointed Canteen Manager and Canteen Co-ordinator. The YPS Canteen is run not-for-profit.

What we do

The YPS Canteen operates every Friday between 9am-12noon and prepares a lunch special and a variety of snacks for students.

Lunch orders are delivered to class rooms and students can also buy the lunch special and snacks over the counter from the YPS Canteen during lunch time (11.00am-11.30am).

We see this as a special treat on a Friday for students.

Where we are located

The YPS Canteen is located down the hall opposite reception, next to the school hall.

Why we do it

It’s all about the kids.

The YPS Canteen is a great tool for learning including:
– confidence (asking for something and receiving it in return)
– patience (waiting on a line for their turn)
– manners (no manners, no service)
– learn about money (differentiating between $1 and 50 cents)
– responsibility (take care and don’t lose money given)

Having a running canteen every Friday gives parents a break from making lunch for one day a week.

How to order

Online Orders

Orders can be placed through the FlexiSchools online ordering service. Orders for Friday must be submitted by 8pm on Wednesday. Instructions on setting up an account are available from the FlexiSchools website or you can follow these FlexiSchools Registration guidelines.

Manual Orders
Manual orders can be placed in the Canteen Lunch Order Box at Reception before 9am on Thursdays. In an envelope, please include your child’s name, class, lunch menu order and payment.

Can students buy snacks direct from the canteen?

YES! The canteen is open during lunch time (11.00am-11.30am). Students can buy a range of snacks e.g. apply slinks, cheese sticks, anzac biscuits, muffins, popcorn, icy poles and paddle pops.


Volunteers make our canteen! All help is welcome and appreciated; even one day in the year makes a big difference. As well as participating in your school community, your child will be excited to see you at the canteen window. Volunteers help on Thursday and Friday mornings between 9am and 12noon with preparing, cooking, serving and cleaning up.

If you would like to volunteer in the canteen please email Sarah at